Perhaps you’ve heard. The Messiah has arisen, oh He who will lead us – and the UFC – to salvation, and he’s a diminutive Irishman with explosiveness and a hard-to-beat style of creative striking. Yeah, I’m talking about Conor McGregor, who’s had four appearances in the Octagon and is now headlining next weekend’s UFC Fight Night 59 in Boston. Because McGregor dresses like a 1920s liquor bootlegger and rocks the mic like a seasoned pro wrestler, the Irishman is pretty much guaranteed a title shot if he defeats opponent Dennis Siver (an opponent tailor-made for McGregor’s skillset and destined to make him look good), with the UFC hoping for a huge, HUGE matchup featuring McGregor and champ Jose Aldo that would attract mucho eyeballs and fill their coffers with gold of pay-per-view buys. So…

…Do you believe the hype? Do you believe that McGregor is truly all that and a bag of chips? For sure, he’s looked impressive thus far, beating the snot out of the likes of Matt Holloway and Dustin Poirier, but has he actually been tested? Has he sufficiently proven his worthiness of a shot at the belt?

*Cough* Frankie Edgar. *Cough*

Anyway, the UFC wants you to believe, so they’ve put together some videos in his honor. Watch them, love them, and love the Savior that is Conor McGregor.