For throwing a water bottle at the pre-UFC 205 press conference, Conor McGregor stood tall before the Nevada State Athletic Commission and got hit with a fine of $150,000.

As a result, McGregor has since scoffed at the notion of fighting in Nevada again and even paying that fine. As he said to Rolling Stone:

“I thought they might respect [McGregor calling in] a little bit more,” McGregor says. “I owned up. I man’d up. I’m here. I apologized. I’m not trying to blame nobody, although they fired the rounds off first. I didn’t think they would even go that route because I didn’t think this was like a real thing. Are they going to come and arrest me or what the fuck is that? I wanted to give them the respect and I felt they would have respected that but they didn’t. So, whatever. It is what it is. Good luck trying to get it.”

Now the Commission is changing their tune a little bit. As per MMAFighting:

Conor McGregor isn’t getting fined nearly as much as people thought, according to Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) executive director Bob Bennett.

Bennett told MMA Fighting on Saturday that the $150,000 being reported has been misinterpreted — McGregor will only be fined $75,000 for his role in an ugly water bottle-throwing fracas at a press conference in August.

The $150,000 number, Bennett said, is representative of the $75,000 fine plus what Bennett and commission chairman Anthony Marnell determined to be the value of a public-service announcement McGregor must do for the commission. McGregor was also given 50 hours of community service by the NAC on Monday at his disciplinary hearing.

Bennett said the public-service announcement was something McGregor and his attorney agreed to do. He only owes the commission $75,000 in fines, a sum that does not go to the commission directly, but to the state general fund, Bennett said.

“It appears the media and others got it wrong,” Bennett said.

Hey, remember that time the Commission got all pissy with Nick Diaz and tried to suspend him for five years? And when public and political outcry grew to astronomical proportions, they softened their stance?

Yeah, me too.