Conor McGregor has done amazing things in MMA, and he’s poised to break into the impenetrable world of ultra-high-level boxing and make more money than any 20 MMA fighters ever make in their lifetime, combined.

But as an MMA fighter venturing into the boxing ring, against Floyd Mayweather, one of boxing’s best, well, McGregor is likely in for a loss.

And that’s okay, because we all know McGregor is doing it for glory and the gigantic paycheck, and if can pull off the feat of even just getting the fight made, he deserves every damn penny.

Already McGregor is laying the groundwork for that loss, managing expectations in terms of fan response. That’s right, he’s playing the “boxing isn’t real fighting” card.

He’s right, of course. He’s very right.

Myself and @sbgcharlestown have been working together on unrestricted, unarmed fighting, since we are kids. Not much will change when I fight under the famed, yet very limited, Queensbury rules. No disrespect to single discipline fighters, from boxing to kicking to grappling, just know that understanding one style of fighting is simply not enough. You are lying to yourself. You are easily dismantled in a true fight. A fight with no rules to protect you. In a straight fight, you do not possess enough tools to keep you alive. You will be dismantled and killed. Like the late, great Bruce Lee once said: “When you are talking about fighting, as it is, with no rules, well then baby, you’d better train every part of your body”

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