The return date of welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre is as elusive as Chandella Powell at a UFC event. Even so, current interim-champ Carlos Condit is set on waiting out for the champ. With so many upcoming challengers in the division such as Jake Ellenberger and the last man to beat Condit, Martin Kampmann in the wing, Condit has given a 2013 deadline on St-Pierre’s return before taking on another contender.

“The UFC I think is looking at it from a business standpoint. They want to see the bigger fight, and basically the biggest fight is me versus Georges St-Pierre. That’s basically the sentiment I’ve gotten from Dana and some of the other UFC brass. I would love to fight some of these guys. There are some great contenders. Jake Ellenberger’s had a phenomenal run. Martin Kampmann just had a great fight and I would love to avenge that loss, but Georges St-Pierre is one of the top stars in the sport and a win over him would catapult me to a different level.”