“I told him if you ever do anything like that again you will not be invited to fight in Nevada again…. If the next few Anderson Silva fights don’t happen in Nevada, it won’t bother me in the least.”

Those are the words of Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Keith Kizer via MMAFighting.com. Kizer is referring to the pre-fight chin check applied to Chael by the champ at the weigh-ins. Surprisingly,  NSAC chairman Skip Avansino  was originally planning to fine Silva for the altercation, but decided against it after speaking with Sonnen.

“Chael willing to forgive Anderson went a long way with me and the chairman,” said Kizer. “He was very honorable, perhaps more than he needed to be, towards Anderson.”

Regarding the Vaseline that Anderson was caught applying to his face, Kizer said it was not the first time, but was shocked at how blatant Silva was this time around. It was actually pointed out right away by UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta to him. Luckily Ref. Yves Lavigne had caught it as well and removed it quickly – though cameras caught Silva grab reserved Vaseline from his shorts after the removal.

Lastly, there is word from Chael Sonnen’s trainer Scott McQuarry that he will be submitting an appeal to the loss for Sonnen on the grounds of an illegal knee. According to Kizer, the chances are slim to none that he will see an overturn. There is only four reasons that the commission will usually go back and change a fight for.

1) Failed drug test.
2) Miscalculation of a scorecard.
3) Collusion (official paid off).
4) Referee misinterprets a rule (for example: allows soccer kick when soccer is illegal).