Very odd news has came out of the Winnipeg, Manitoba fight commission recently. It seems they have verified that not a single fighter on the UFC 161 card had any kind of medical exemption — including long time testosterone replacement therapy user Dan Henderson, who has been approved since 2007. It was not clarified by the commission as to if Hendo was denied TUE or if he did not apply in the first place. Perhaps Dan read the same news on recent studies proving TRT proving to be more problems then it’s worth?

Oddly, it was back in 2010 that “Hendo” made an attempt to come off TRT, however was unable to do successfully, as he tested well below average testosterone levels due to hypogonadism. An average male is said to come in between 250 – 1100 — Hendo registered at a dismal 168.

The former Pride champ did not look too out of form at 168, putting on another very close performance, losing via decision, with many calling controversy over the score cards. You’d have to believe however that after over five years of TRT use, going cold turkey against a dangerous opponent such as former champ Rashad Evans can not be easy. Let us know in the comments if you noticed anything different about Hendo’s performance. At the age of 42, Henderson is still a top light heavyweight in the division, however without TRT artificially inflating his lowered levels, you have to question if we will see the end of the “H-bomb” finishes sooner than later?