While some in the entertainment world have turned their backs on MMA and the UFC, others are embracing it, including comedian and actor Ricky Gervais.

The star of the original “The Office” series and countless other shows and movies, Gervais told The Mirror that the sport is his “guilty pleasure.”

“It is not really violence, it is a sport,” he said. “It is fair and fascinating how disciplines like mixed martial arts and boxing come together.”

Gervais once competed inside the ring, fighting in a charity boxing match. However, he also sees the human side of the UFC, which goes on behind closed doors.

“Muhammad Ali was probably my first hero and then I got into the UFC,” he admitted. “It is also behind the scenes, so it is like a reality show that is real. They really are fighting, it is not like it is staged, and it counts. There are title fights.”