Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Usually, when tight-knit groups of buddies fracture into shattered pieces of hurt and pain, it’s over something like a girl or money. But with the whole Team Alpha Male thing – and whatever beef there is between bantamweight champ Cody Garbrandt and former champ TJ Dillashaw – it just seems like a couple of dudes sniping each other because they’re douches.

In honor of their impending UFC 217 fight on Saturday, which will be the co-main event for the Madison Square Garden show, Garbrandt has posted a clip to Instagram of him nailing Dillashaw during sparring. Dillashaw is clearing knocked down, but the clip is too short to show if it was an actual knockout. Regardless, that’s what Garbrandt is claiming it is…

…And it’s a hella douchey thing to do, because they were teammates and that was a sparring session, which are by their nature supposed to be private. But whatever. Here’s the clip.