He may have zero MMA fights under his belt and is a total noob to training in the sport, but CM Punk is a big deal. He was, after all, a big deal in the realm of pro wrestling, and as we saw with Brock Lesnar, when a WWE star crosses over, the fans come too.

So of course just about every fighter out there wants to be the first to greet him in the cage. Of course. Because to do so will mean big bucks.

Enter: Cathal Pendred, a somewhat okay Irish fighter who clearly will never be the best, but will always slug away to the bitter end. Pendred wants Punk. Yesterday, they beefed.

Well, I for one have no desire to see Punk take on someone so vastly more experienced in his MMA debut. I also don’t think an athletic commission would approve of a fight between him and Pendred. So where is this all going?

I wonder…