While the world anxiously awaits for former WWE star CM Punk to make his MMA in the Octagon, the dude trains – and when he’s not training, he’s answering questions whenever someone sticks a microphone in his face.

Punk had some words to say when asked about teammate Anthony Pettis’ recent losing performance against Eddie Alvarez. Namely, he thinks that Pettis has got some wrestling chops. (Remember: Pettis lost because he was out-wrestled.)

As per MMAJunkie/USAToday:

“The obvious thing to say is ‘work more on his wrestling,’ but it’s the fight game and everything ebbs and flows and things change,” Punk said. “I think Anthony is actually a fantastic wrestler. One could even say that if that fight with Alvarez was five rounds, Anthony would’ve beat him. He was stuffing a lot of takedowns in the first two rounds. He was maneuvering off the cage. He was doing more damage than Alvarez was. Unfortunately, it just went the way it did. I think he needs to just keep doing what he’s doing. This was the first time he’s traveled outside of Milwaukee to train. He’s training (wrestling) with Izzy Martinez, and I think that’s the right direction to go – you just build off that.”

“I think losses really make champions,” he said. “Anthony was there before, and I think he’ll come back stronger. He’s not so much discouraged that he is just disappointed that he lost. But it’s in the past, he’s going to move forward and he’ll fight again.”

If he thinks Pettis is a good wrestler, then I have a feeling when Punk gets in the cage we’re going to see someone get their butt seriously kicked.