He may have personality, an aggressive wrestling style and 48 MMA fights to his name, but even veterans get caught, which is what happened to Clay Guida at UFC Fight Night 77 tonight in Brazil.

Taking on the experienced Brazilian Thiago Tavares, Guida came out and did what Guida usually does, which is turn the volume up to ten and start thrashing. Unfortunately, when he attempted to slam his foe to the canvas, Tavares met him with a guillotine choke. It was tight, and Guida was forced to tap out a mere 39 seconds into the bout.

On the plus side, Guida got to avoid another 15-minute war that seems to occur so frequently when he fights. Those kinds of battles have to be hell on his body.

On the downside, well, Tavares beat him in less than a minute. That sort of speaks for itself.