As tall as a hobbit and cute as a button, Paige VanZant seems to be on a rapid climb to stardom. But some have questioned how much of that popularity is due to her good looks as opposed to her ability. After all, do you think she’d be headlining the upcoming UFC Fight Night 80 if she looked like Medusa?

One such doubter (hater?) is strawweight contender Claudia Gadelha, who’s racked up wins in the Octagon but lost to now-champ Joanna Jędrzejczyk when it mattered most. Gadelha won’t even admit PVZ is a fighter.

As per MMAFighting:

“The UFC wants fighters who can sell, who bring money to the organization. She’s pretty, a dancer, completely different from other fighters who are way better prepared physically, right?”

“She has said once that she thinks that fighters who are ripped used steroids, but I want to see her say that in two years, when she really becomes a professional fighter,” Gadelha said. “She’s just starting and she’s a dancer, so she won’t have muscle in her body. But, in two years, I want her to answer this question again.”

Ooh, sick burn, Claudia.

Too bad people want to see that “dancer” compete in the cage a thousand times more than catty Brazilians.