Eddie Alvarez and Gilbert Melendez are two of the UFC’s top lightweights, and had been on a collision course for years. It came as no surprise as, prior to their fight at UFC 188, Alvarez also instigated something of a war of words.

Melendez didn’t respond much, remarking in a recent interview: “There are just some guys you are destined to scrap with, and I knew he was one of them. I look forward to it. I’ll do my talking in the cage.”

The two battled for a three round split decision, with Alvarez receiving the nod, winning the battle, for now.

But it seems the war isn’t just with Melendez, who didn’t engage in much verbal jousting. It’s with Melendez’s teammate Nate Diaz, who exchanged words with Alvarez at the UFC 188 weigh-ins.

“That little bitch said he wanted to see me next,” Diaz said in an interview after the event. “So what’s up, then? Now he’s going to run off and hide?”

Diaz said he disagreed with the judges decision, noting that Alvarez was hospitalized after the bout, while Melendez was released.

“Does he want that? Obviously not,” Diaz said of a possible fight with Alvarez.  “He’s at the hospital. Anthony Pettis is walking around like he’s tight too, but all these motherf—— are scared to look in my face. These fools are all frontin’, man.  They act like they want to fight but then they look at the ground when they walk by me.”

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