He was always accused of having a beer belly during his time as a champion in the UFC, so it is a wonder why the former UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell has not helped promote a beer before. Well, the wait is over, because Liddell has been hired to promote Miller Lite beer. The ad is actually pretty funny, and it is nice to see an MMA fighter prove there is life after fighting.

Ironically, the Miller Brewing Company – which makes Miller Lite – actually owns Mickey’s Malt Liquor, was one of the UFC’s long time sponsors before the sport became more mainstream. This is a rebranding phase for Miller Lite, which has fallen in the ranks of most popular beers as of late. Future commercials will have actors Ken Jeong, Vince Vaughn, and musician Questlove in them. This just proves that MMA is taking one more step toward mainstream when a big company would put faith in the notion that a marketing campaign can rest on the shoulders of an MMA star.

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