Chuck Liddell ate a lot of punches during his reign as unstoppable Octagon badass, and we didn’t really know the toll it was taking on him until the very end of his run. But he’s been retired now for a bit, and as the old saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Well, thanks to a recent interview on a FOX News TV show, we can see that, yeah, despite being out of the cage and the spotlight, “The Iceman” is still pretty out of his mind.

The interview is about the steroid issues currently plaguing the sport, and as some sort of UFC spokesman, Liddell sits beside the interviewing fielding all sorts of question relevant to the topic. Sadly, his answers leave much to be desired, with the first “I don’t know” serving as a big clue that maybe ol’ Chuck was put in that seat because he’s a warm body with a pulse.

Tomorrow, UFC honchos Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta will be holding a media event that will supposedly tackle what is now the biggest problem in the sport (drug use, not Chuck Liddell being a piss-poor spokesman). Hopefully we’ll get something meaty out of that.