UFC middleweight king Chris Weidman and top challenger Luke Rockhold have a beef going on, but it’s really only at the “mild” stage right now. For instance, unlike when Chael Sonnen would fire off all sorts of vitriol and hate towards Anderson Silva in the lead-up to their epic clashes, Weidman and Rockhold appear to be on the precipice of “bro-ness” at any moment.

It makes for some low heat, but who knows, maybe it’ll heat up when they finally face off.

Here’s the beef that went down this weekend, which originated from Rockhold visiting Long Island (Weidman’s home turf) and a post to social media.

Then came Weidman’s reply…

Obviously, neither of these men are Conor McGregor. Which is fine. Their mild beef means we’re going to have to watch their fight because of their prowess and ability – and they have plenty of that.