Chris Weidman was once champ, but he’s since lost three in a row. However, that last loss, which occurred recently when he met Gegard Mousasi in Buffalo, is kind of crap.

After seeing what he thought were illegal knees delivered by Mousasi to Weidman’s dome, referee Dan Miragliotta called for a break to check the instant replay. The knees were deemed legal, but because of Weidman’s actions during the unwarranted recovery period (he couldn’t name the month), the New York State Athletic Commission doctor waved the bout off.

Yesterday, Weidman appeared on “The MMA Hour“, and of course he griped about it, saying he wanted a rematch – but dear God, not in New York. They screw you in New York.

“I want a rematch with Mousasi more than anything,” Weidman said. “That was a big fight for me to come back up in contention for the title, it was a great fight for me to showcase my skills and go out there and dominate him. That fight got pulled from me.”

“I know a lot of people close to me don’t want me fighting in New York again. There’s a lot of things even, the scenes in the back, where, they’re very new and amateurish. You saw it a couple times, look at the Cormier weigh-in, it was a bunch of things that went unreported and you just could tell they have a lot of learning to do. All my fights were in Vegas or Jersey, these commissions have things done right, they take things very seriously.”