Chris Weidman will finally get his chance to back up everything he has said about beating Anderson Silva, because he is set to face the champ on July 6. Silva was content to wait it out and see what would happen with the division when it was filled with contenders, but after Michael Bisping and Tim Boetsch lost, Weidman was the only contender left.

This begs the question if Dana White has pegged Silva down to a new contract, because as of a few weeks ago White said that the Brazilian had not been signed to the ten-fight contract that he wanted. This fight will be nearly one year exactly since Silva’s last title defense, when he finished Chael Sonnen in the second round. For Weidman, he has not fought since last July, and one has to wonder how the shoulder injury that kept him out of the Octagon, plus the resulting ring rust, will affect him in this fight.

At least Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, can rest easy since Weidman was hounding him earlier this year. “He was driving me crazy! He kept asking me, ‘Hey, let’s make that fight happen!’ He’s very confident and he’s a good fighter.” Weidman may be a little more than confident though, because according to him he knew he could beat the longtime middleweight champion since the first day he entered the sport of MMA.

“I know I can beat Anderson. I got into this sport, and he was the champion at 185 pounds. He looked just as impressive then as he does now. I got into this sport knowing I could beat him from day one. I think I’m a terrible, terrible matchup for him. I think everybody knows it.”

So maybe Weidman will be the first man to beat Silva in the Octagon, or he will fall to the wayside like every other challenger to the middleweight title.

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