It seems MMA fighters do battle on Twitter as much as they do in the cage (or ring) these days. Yesterday was no exception, as UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman and his (likely) next challenger, Luke Rockhold, exchanged barbs.

But there was an interesting idea brought up in the midst of the chaos, making it all seem worth trudging through (for once?).

The battle started between Weidman and Rockhold’s teammate at American Kickboxing Academy, UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier. Weidman had noted in a recent interview that he’s considering a move to light heavyweight, and that Cormier was scared to fight him there. In addition, some observers feel like Cormier, who is a commentator for UFC broadcasts when he’s not fighting, doesn’t always give Weidman a fair shake.

Rockhold added his two cents — boasting that he would “clip Weidman’s wings” before the year was out:

Weidman doubted that Rockhold was writing his own Tweets at this point, and was employing Cormier as a ghost-writer:

Rockhold offered a spot at American Kickboxing Academy (after defeating Weidman, of course):

Weidman kept inferring Cormier was operating Rockhold’s account, and called him a “privileged surfer boy.”

So maybe the back-and-forth wasn’t the greatest, but it brought the idea of Weidman at light heavyweight into focus. Hopefully that doesn’t happen too soon — in addition to Rockhold, Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza is waiting in the wings, and Yoel Romero enjoyed the biggest win of his career recently.

But… it’s interesting.