Anderson Silva has failed yet another post-UFC 183 drug test. Marinate on that – and the current state of disrepair our sport has fallen into – for a minute.

Yes, MMA is wrought with cheating fighters, and out-of-competition testing is slowly but surely tarnishing the luster of those who were once our heroes (which is, of course, the fighters’ fault). But does that mean that the best in the world are all cheaters? Are there no real heroes left?

Behold UFC middleweight champ Chris Weidman, who’s so pure, the driven snow uses him as a guideline on how to be. How do I know Weidman isn’t injecting himself with every steroid known to man at this moment, trying to gain whatever competitive edge he can? Well, because he’s hasn’t failed a drug test, and because he posts to his Instagram things like this: