Chris Weidman put on an perfect dismantling of Mark Munoz at UFC on Fuel on July 11, and it didn’t take long for fans to call for a title shot for the New York fighter. Weidman himself went on the MMAHour to clarify that he is calling for that title shot as he believes he’s ready for the middleweight kingpin Andernson Silva.

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“My manager has talked to Joe Silva and all of them,” he revealed. “And supposedly they actually really want me to fight Anderson. The question is, will Anderson fight me? I think that’s what it’s coming down to. When is Anderson going to be ready to fight again? That whole thing. You know, Anderson Silva’s making so much money in Brazil right now, he’s chilling. He’s making so much money outside the ring, I don’t know if he’s so jumpy to jump in there with a guy who’s young, hungry, who’s a bad match-up for him on paper like me, and who’s name is not (as lucrative as) a Chael Sonnen at this point.”

“I’ve won five straight fights in a row in the UFC. I’m undefeated. I’m young.”

“Every single time I’ve had a full training camp, I’ve finished the fight. This is the first one that got out of the first round. I’ve beaten two top-five guys in a row. And I think I’m a stylistic nightmare for Anderson Silva. A lot of these guys, I see them go on record basically saying ‘I’d just love a shot at Anderson Silva to see how I’d do.’ I’m not in here to just to able to share the cage with Anderson Silva. That’s not my goal at all, I’d be far from content with that. I’m going in there to beat Anderson Silva. And to finish Anderson Silva[/blockquote]