While you were cuddling your teddy bear in bed dreaming of last night’s The Walking Dead, the UFC’s middleweight champion was awake this morning doing champion things.

He was giving blood and urine samples.

As per Chris Weidman’s Facebook, a representative of the Nevada State Athletic Commission dropped by his home at 6:50AM today and demanded samples of his blood and urine for testing. Note: Weidman lives on Long Island in New York, so the NSAC rep had to have flown out to New York yesterday and stayed in a hotel overnight just to do this.

Yeah, I’d say efforts are being made to clean the sport up.

Also, you can bet that if a NSAC rep were to knock on opponent Vitor Belfort’s door that early in the morning, the rep would have to circumnavigate piles and piles of used hypodermic needles just to make it to the porch to ring the doorbell.

Just got a ring on my door bell at 6:50 am.. Ended up being the Nevada state athletic commission. Now..I have 2 kids and…

Posted by Chris Weidman on Monday, March 30, 2015