Still undefeated and now crowned the best 185 pound fighter in the world. Chris Weidman has shocked the world, removing long time champion Anderson Silva from his throne, which has been held since 2006.

Round One:
Weidman takes center and shoots an ankle pick and gets the takedown. Weidman starts to rain down punches. Anderson deflects many of the shots. Weidman gets to half briefly and pushed back standing. Even standing, Weidman is able to attack. Weidman drops for an ankle lock but Anderson escapes. Anderson now attempts to get Weidman trading against the cage and Weidman lands. Anderson lands to the head with a jab over and over. Anderson continues to call for Weidman to attack.

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CagedInsider: 10-9, Chris Weidman.

Round Two:
Anderson continues to tease with his antics. Crescent kick attempts misses for Weidman. A right lands skins mocking Silva. Silva leans back with hands down and he is caught square and his eyes roll back. TWO HUGE SHOTS have landed on the dropped Silva and Herb Dean waves it off.

Official: Chris Weidman defeats Chris Weidman via knockout – Round 2, 1:18

As sad as it is to see the greatest lose; we also now have to thank Weidman for opening up the division to all kinds of new and fresh match-ups in the title spot. Names like Vitor Belfort, Yushin Okami and even Chael Sonnen now have a quicker chance at a possible title shot. Question is, does anyone else besides #3 ranked Vitor Belfort deserve the shot more? The new champ is quick to say in his victory speech that he is glad to give Anderson Silva a rematch.