MMAFighting’s Shaun Al-Shatti has proven himself to be one hell of a scribe.

Part of it is the depth and scope of his writing, part of it is his storytelling. And in honor of Nate Diaz’s return to the cage on Saturday at UFC 202, Al-Shatti turns his attention to the Stockton native, digging deep by interviewing Diaz’s past opponents.

Here’s a sample, and it’s on hell of a lede:

Nate Diaz said this would happen. He told us for years. The decade-long slog may not have been the way he drew it up, but even then, Diaz set the bait for his best catch in classic Diaz Brother fashion. Three fucks and one shit over 19 seconds on a live national primetime broadcast. A post-fight callout so profane that on-air censors punted the audio within seconds, leaving a live audience stunned and nearly three million at home wondering what the hell they just missed. You couldn’t script it any better. Afterward, in the bowels of the arena, Diaz said he only fought at UFC on FOX 17 to set up a fight with Conor McGregor. He worried that his message would be lost to the big long bleep, but his older brother Nick assured him that social media would carry the word, and of course Nick was right.

Please, read the rest. It’s worth your time.