UFC featherweight Charles Oliveira’s August bout against Max Holloway was among the most anticipated of the year.

But it ended in a disappointing — and rather scary — fashion, with Oliveira suddenly folding to the mat after a failed takedown. The bout was halted at 1:39 of the first round, with Holloway announced as winner via TKO (injury — esophagus tear). Later, the injury was described as a “minor” neck injury.

Today, in an interview with Combate which was translated into English by Lucas Rezende of Bloody Elbow, it was revealed just how scary the injury was.

“It was four hours without moving my left side.” Oliveira said. “Everything went through my head. I was afraid of being crippled. I was devastated, I cried so much. Not because of the loss, but because of how it was. It was a shock for everybody. My mom cried when she saw me. It was bad, scary, but it’s over now. I’m glad to be training jiu-jitsu again. I’ve been hitting pads and I felt no pain. I hope I can fight before the end of the year, I would like a spot on the December 19 card. I’ll be back soon.”

Oliveira noted that he doesn’t regard the result a loss, because, simply put, “there was no fight.”

“It wasn’t a punch or a kick from him that defined the fight,” he said. “I hurt myself. I’d rather be knocked out or submitted. I want that rematch bad, but Holloway has a fight coming up just like everyone else ranked above me, so the important thing is not to stand still. I want to show I’m still in the mix. If I win my next fight, I think it’s fair to face Holloway again.”

Holloway will face Jeremy Stephens in December at UFC 194.