If you hadn’t heard, Michael Bisping has already started his campaign for his return fight in the UFC after suffering a detached retina in sparring. “The Count” has requested former Strikeforce champ and UFC welterweight contender Nick Diaz to fight him next at 185 lbs. The challenge is said to have spurned from Diaz’s team-mate Gilbert Melendez suggesting that Nick would come out of retirement for “an interesting match-up.”

Bisping may now have his answer. According to videographer and friend of Nick, @LayzietheSavage, Diaz has said “he’s down for that fight.”

The good news doesn’t stop there either for the proposed match-up. UFC President Dana White has also recently tweeted “I love that fight,” further aligning the stars to face-off. Only problem in ‘view’ is Bisping’s current condition. The brash Brit is not expected to return until early 2014, as he heals the damaged nerves in his eye. Not the worst wait, but it does leave Diaz out of the sport longer than perhaps needed.

If Nick’s ready to go now, would there be anyone else you’d rather see him jump in the cage with well Bisping heals up?