Chael Sonnen may have a bout with former light-heavyweight champ Rashad Evans booked for November 16th, but it seems like more people are talking about his ongoing feud with Wanderlei Silva, than what might go down at UFC 167. Of course, a big reason for that is because there’s not much of a backstory to Sonnen-Evans, while Sonnen-Silva, well, they’ve been hurling insults at each other for months.

More recently, Silva buzzed the MMA world by releasing a video which shows him confronting Sonnen at a recent Mr. Olympia event in Vegas. So has Sonnen reached the point where he’s tired of talking about Silva? Especially since he has a tough task ahead of him in “Suga’ Evans? While speaking to MMA recently, “The American Gangsta” stated:

“He’s a distraction,” Sonnen admitted. “He’s a distraction, no doubt about it.”

“Absolutely (it pisses me off),” Sonnen said. “Wouldn’t deny it. It’s bizarre.

“It comes back to, on one hand this is pretty weird, man. On the other hand, well done. Well done. You wanted attention. It worked. You’re staying in the headlines by staying out of the Octagon. It’s very hard to stay in the news when you don’t have a fight, and here he is doing it.”

When the latest video was released, there were plenty of folks that thought it seemed a wee bit staged, myself included, but Sonnen continues to insist he wasn’t in on the stunt. All that aside, discussions about the two fighting likely isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

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