The always controversial Chael Sonnen returned last night for his segment ‘Chael’s Corner’ on Fuel’s ‘UFC Tonight.‘ This time around Judas Sonnen tossed his fellow fighters under the bus by translating their lies to the press. We’ve heard all the common responses to the common questions. Sonnen offers to read between the lines on what the fighter actually means.

“There’s a tremendous difference between what fighters say versus what they mean.”

“I don’t want to leave it in the hands of the judges means I didn’t train to go three rounds.”

“I’m surrounded by a new team in camp means all my old friends abandoned me.”

“I need to training camp in seclusion means my wife and kids are driving me crazy.”

“I don’t understand why fighters don’t just talk plainly?”

Sonnen did not have all negative remarks for his counter-parts. Sonnen complimented his last opponent Michael Bisping for ‘hitting him hard’ throughout their fight. Tune-in to Fuel TV all week for the full replay of the show. Check your local cable/satellite provider for times.