Many fans have been expecting Chael Sonnen to ramp up the trash talk now that his UFC 159 bout with Jon Jones is just days away, and the former middleweight did just that today, except his old foe Anderson Silva was the target.

Since Sonnen coached opposite Jones in the recent season of TUF, the polarizing fighter seems to have become a fan of the UFC light-heavyweight champ, rather than a detractor. It’s been a sharp departure from the fiery rhetoric Sonnen has tossed in Silva’s direction, or when he was talking his way into a title fight with Jones for that matter.

After relaying that Jones is the best light-heavyweight the sport has ever seen, yes, Sonnen said that, the vet was then asked to compare Silva and Jones. For most people, of course, Jones and Silva are the frontrunner for the sport’s, often debated, pound-for-pound spot. For Sonnen, evidently, that discussion is a non-starter.

Speaking on the UFC 159 media call today, Sonnen reminded the media that he holds three 10-8 rounds over Silva, which he compared to a “perfect ten” in gymnastics, and that as far as he’s concerned:

“If you think Jon and Anderson are even close, I’ll run through Jon because I ran through Anderson, but I don’t think they’re close. I think Jon is considerably better than Anderson….Then I hear that Anderson could beat him. You have to be kidding me; I stomped Anderson Silva twice.”

Interesting way of looking at things. Does anyone see Sonnen stomping Jones? Or recording a 10-8 round for that matter?

Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports