Jon Jones is the best fighter in the world. Well, according to future opponent Chael Sonnen at least. Sonnen has spent a lot of time around both fighter. With Silva, he has competed with the man for the better part of six rounds, and while he has not fought Jones yet, the two have coached a season of The Ultimate Fighter. There has already been strong parallels between Jones and Silva, but everyone always will want Sonnen’s insight.

Sonnen believes, “there’s a big gap between them,”  and  “that Jon Jones is considerably better,”  than Silva. Of course not a lot of people see it this way, and that is why there is so much interest in a superfight between the two UFC champions. Once Sonnen enters the cage with Jones the fans and pundits will dissect whatever happens to try to and predict a winner between the two based on their performances against Sonnen.

For Sonnen, it is like seeing a new fighter every time that Jones enters the cage. When Sonnen gets to watch Jones he says the light-heavyweight champion, “comes out there with something new every time. Some trick that it appears he’s making up.”  A fighter has to challenge himself, but it would seem like suicide to fight someone you view as the best as the world. He views Jones as leagues ahead of Silva who has beaten Sonnen twice at a lower weight class. So how does Sonnen see a way to win this fight?

“I am 100 percent offense and from the second the referee says, ‘Go.’ I will. I will come across and I will bring the fight to him. I may go down, he’s a good fighter I may go down, but I promise you I will go like a gangster and I will be firing the entire time.”