“Welcome to 2000 and Chael.” The king of MMA entertainment, Chael Sonnen talks with the ESPN 2’s Dan Le Batard while toting around what is most likely a fake UFC belt. Why? Because he’s the UFC champion according to Chael.

We can get an idea of how the interview goes By Batards introduction of Sonnen.“This guys a lunatic, he’s a crazy person. He’s controversial he’s colorful, he’s fun.”

Sonnen talks briefly on his mindset.

“Well if you can’t understand it, you can’t step in my shoes brother,” said Sonnen. “A lot of guys can be fighter, but only one can be champion (touches belt). Maybe I’m wired a bit differently, but that’s the way it goes.”

Delusional, or just a charismatic character, either way Chael Sonnen is scheduled to step in the octagon this Saturday against another trash talking villain in Michael Bisping for UFC on Fox 2.