Chael Sonnen was very stoic giving his answer on “UFC Tonight” Wednesday in regards to the use of testosterone replacement therapy being banned by the UFC and the Nevada Athletic Commission.

Sonnen, who has been granted an exemption to use TRT within the guidelines for several fights, even stated that if he can’t find a legal and safe way to keep his testosterone levels healthy, “I might have to stop the sport.”

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Here’s what Sonnen said when asked about the rule changes:

“The first thing I need to do is reserve my right to change this answer in a few weeks if I need to. There are a lot of moving parts. I don’t have all the information.

Bottom line is testosterone is out. If this retires guys, then it retires guys. The rules are the rules and they need to be followed.

I’ve had to stop with the testosterone with the hope we can find a new ways of keeping my testosterone at the healthy levels.

If it doesn’t work, I might have to stop the sport.”

Sonnen is scheduled to meet Wanderlei Silva later this year, and has already talked about making his return to the middleweight division after. He is a two-time challenger to the UFC’s 185-pound belt, having also gained a title shot at 205 pounds previously.