I recently caught up with Chael Sonnen and got a chance to chat with him for a while. We talked about the upcoming fight card that’s happening on October 9th, and Chael was also very enthusiastic about discussing political issues such as healthcare, the government shutdown, and our presidential history.

Sonnen on the recent government shut-down.

“What a incredible game of chicken we’re playing right now. We’re going to need to see how this plays out. I think for a very large part, this is going to make Republicans look bad. I am a Republican. You can’t shut your government down. You just can’t do it. It backfired on Newt Gingrich when he did it and in a large part it is probably going to backfire now. Here’s the deal. They’ve now done it and if you’re going to play a game of chicken, you cannot flinch and if John Banner does, the Republicans are going to have to get him out of there. If you are going to take a stand, you need to stand. They had plenty of time to think this through and they knew exactly what they were doing. The more we look at it, the more we say, wait a minute., that’s not exactly true. The Republicans are trying to figure this out as they go. These are extremely powerful leaders and there is no room for error on this. Lets see where it goes, if they back down, I will be tremendously disappointed, but I think more than likely, it will happen.”