Watch as the overpowering charisma of Chael Sonnen throws ESPN reporter Sage Steele a wild screwball down the middle. Starting off with the classic “can I touch your hair” line, and moving on to flattery, Sonnen made what was suppose to be a fun interview just a tad uncomfortable for the young female reporter. And it all started with, do you have to hate people?

“No I don’t hate people — especially women.”

“They brought two cameras in because I got two of these things. One for each of you. The largest arms, the greatest charm and all the harm, and it’s coming Saturday night from Newark, New Jersey.” – Chael Sonnen

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If you notice, Steele felt it necessary to let Sonnen know that she is taken [ring flash] as she stares at the offered up bicep. “I’m done. Good luck.”

As the contender made clear, Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen takes place this Saturday, live from Newark, New Jersey, and live on pay-per-view. Check with for full results and recaps.