While it is hard to believe that Chael would not talk about his pure dominance in his original fight with Anderson Silva, he surprisingly doesn’t touch on the subject. He is actually very complimentary of his rival, and even admits for what I can only believe is the first times that he agreed that he did ‘tap’ to the ‘nice technique’ (triangle submission). The man that said wrapping legs around an opponent is the move of cowards, now admits that he would like to catch someone in the same move someday. When the ref. stops it Chael recollects asking him what actually happened, and he said the ref. told him he tapped, which he replies that he believes him.

This side of Sonnen is actually refreshing. It gives insight into the fighter and not the persona. The Chael in this clip is the actual person that fights – the man who dissects his opponents and the man who putting the beating on Anderson. While his persona does draw viewers to the fight, it is also a good reminder of who the real Chael Sonnen is.