Chael Sonnen has said some pretty incredibly rude things to Wanderlei Silva.

In press conferences. In interviews. While hosting “UFC Tonight” and other programming on FOX Sports.

So, when the UFC decided to pair Sonnen and Silva up as coaches on The Ultimate Fighter Brazil, they knew what they were doing.

As evidence by the latest episode, which you can only watch on UFC Fight Pass, the two coaches came to blows. Silva came after Sonnen, who proceeded to defend himself and was subsequently “attacked” by members of Silva’s team.

Sonnen recently told Bleacher Report that he “never would’ve believed it would turn physical” while working side-by-side with Silva on the show. Granted, the actual time spent by the two was limited, but we’ve seen in the past that coaches have to be around one another.

We saw it with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Rashad Evans.

We saw it more recently with Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate.

They are working together in several respects, so the odds of these two hot-headed individuals coming to at the very least a heated argument was pretty good.

Now, I’ve seen the episode and believe Sonnen had every right to do what he did. And yes, those members of Silva’s “entourage” who proceeded to get in some cheap shots while Sonnen was on the ground were cowardly.

But for “The American Gangster” to try and act like he did nothing wrong to provoke this is a little out of sorts.

Did he forget calling Silva his “pet idiot?” Or pretending to urinate on a fan with his picture on it? How about referring to him as “stupid?” Or the countless verbal attacks he hurled towards Brazil?

Hopefully these two get to finally settle things inside the Octagon. I’m still not 100-percent confident that the bout is going to go down, but if Silva is the one who ends up backing out, you can bet your bottom dollar that Sonnen will make sure everyone hears about it.