The Nevada Athletic Commission came down hard on Chael Sonnen during a recent meeting, handing out a two-year suspension for the former UFC title contender.

Sonnen, though, announced his retirement last month following the second failed drug test. He was found to have banned substances in his system during both tests given by the NAC.

“Today is the day for him to take responsibility for cheating,” NSAC chair Francisco Aguilar said (thanks to for the quotes). “It’s not a time to hide behind false excuses. I think a great penalty is warranted here for the sake of a clean sport.”

Sonnen escaped without facing any monetary fine, but will be forced to pay for the testing and analysis of his two failed tests. Those results found five banned substances in all, including HGH. The commissioner of the NAC pushed for a lifetime ban, but the other board members disagreed.

He twice fought Anderson Silva for the middleweight belt and challenged Jon Jones for the light heavyweight strap, as well. Sonnen was scheduled to meet Wanderlei Silva earlier this month, but Silva declined a test of his own and was removed. Later, Sonnen failed his drug test and a bout with Vitor Belfort was scrapped.