UFC fighter Chael Sonnen has a few choice words for the current and reigning middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Sonnen is seemingly disgusted with the amount of love and respect Silva is receiving from the American fans and media.


“You want me to let you in on a secret, Anderson Silva speaks perfect English,” Sonnen told MMAWeekly Radio. “He just has such a low amount of respect for you and all the rest of the media that he pretends he doesn’t. I’ve had conversations with Anderson Silva in perfect English, and on top of that he’s so boring to listen to that he and his rocket scientist manager, Ed Soares, who is also about as exciting as watching grass grow, have decided that Ed is better on the mic than Anderson, so just let Ed do the talking.”

No official word if this is true, but I highly doubt that Silva hates the media or the American fans. If in fact he can speak fluent English I would imagine his reluctance to speak it while here in the states, is any other reason than he has no respect for us.

It’s probably more along the lines of being comfortable speaking a foreign language on camera, or any other number of reasons Silva may have that don’t involve utter disrespect for us.

This may also just be a ploy by Sonnen to get some notoriety out there by name dropping, in hopes to gain some attention, who knows for sure.

I am sure Silva’s manager Ed Soares has heard these allegations, and if and when he releases a response we will update that here. Stay tuned.

[Source: CageWriter.com]