Chael Sonnen makes a special appearance on TMZ to talk…. well, everything.  From not knowing the rules in UFC, to money laundering, to disliking vegans. The Oregon Gangster showcases his usual wit, and charm for the TMZ office, as he touches on multiple subjects. As usual, the best story is the one he tells all press. The one where he was unaware that people consider Anderson Silva’s triangle victory over him a loss to him.

‘The most controversial man’ continues to make his rounds with the release of his book, ‘The Voice of Reason.’ In person Chael will make joke after joke, trolling whoever dares believe the disputable comments. Now in his book, we actually read the words of an honest, openly insecure human, that is surprisingly refreshing. We highly recommend you check out his book, available on Amazon now.

The book could not come at a better planned time either, as he looks to peak in interest in the build up to his rematch against UFC middleweight champ, Anderson Silva on July 7th in Las Vegas, NV at UFC 148.