Cesar Gracie has told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour that should Georges St-Pierre continue to stall on fighting UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, his number one pupil Nick Diaz would be more than happy to step up. The outspoken coach also suggested that both Diaz’s and Silva’s camps have both had talks regarding a potential fight.

“We’re pushing for the GSP fight. That’s what we’re going to push for, GSP or Anderson Silva. That’s the two fights that interest us the most, and that’s the ones we’re going for.”

Gracie went on to say how his side, Silva’s side and the fans would all be interested in a Silva/Diaz super-fight, and that they only need to convince Dana White.

“[Silva’s] people are into it. We’re into it. The fans, I think, would be into it. We’ve got to convince Dana [White] about it now. Obviously the fight that makes sense to them, and I don’t disagree, is Anderson-GSP, and like I said, I would watch that fight. That would be great to watch. But let’s get real. If GSP just absolutely says no, then what? You can’t make a guy fight. That’s the thing. And Anderson, if they want to promote a superfight and if the stars align, I think Nick would be into it.”

This isn’t the first time, and probably not the last that Nick Diaz and Cesar Gracie have pushed for a fight with either St-Pierre or Silva – despite Diaz coming off a unanimous decision loss to Carlos Condit back in February.

Diaz, being a “true martial artist and fighter” is clearly enough for them to justify his entitlement to title shots and super-fights when there are many others that would be considered more deserving.

However, the UFC is no stranger to giving fighters who have talked their way to the top preference over fighters that have fought and won their way up. Chael Sonnen comes to mind, who is set to fight Jon Jones for the UFC light heavyweight championship in April, even though he is coming off a loss to Anderson Silva for the middleweight title this past summer.

Expect Diaz to have to fight and win at least once before being considered to fight Georges St-Pierre  for the welterweight title, probably against Josh Koscheck or maybe even a rematch with Carlos Condit.