If you’re more of a take-out person or have never cooked anything else but mac-and-cheese, then you probably have no idea who Anthony Bourdain is. If you’re a bit of a cook and also love MMA, then you might be intrigued to hear the celebrity chef attended a Underground Combat League event this weekend in New York City.

MMA Frenzy’s Jim Genia spotted the famous chef, author and television personality at the card, alongside his wife Ottavia, who reportedly is a MMA and jiu-jitsu enthusiast. When asked to comment on the event, which is of course unsanctioned due to New York State’s antiquated view of MMA, Bourdain stated:

“Well, it’s nice to see people doing the sport for the pure love of the game – as painful as it can be, no doubt. I mean it’s rather extraordinary how hard people work and how hard they train for the joy of getting pounded into the mat.”

Pretty difficult to argue with that. What’s also cool is that Bourdain attended UFC 159 Saturday night in New Jersey, before heading out for another dose of fights Sunday in NYC. Not a bad way to spend the weekend.

For more on the UCL event and the full video interview with Bourdain, head to MMA Frenzy.