Irishman Cathal Pendred has been angling hard to be the first person CM Punk meets when the former pro wrestler makes his Octagon (and MMA) debut. Well, at UFC Fight Night 76 today in Dublin, Ireland, Pendred moved one step closer to making that match-up a reality.

He got crushed by Brit Tom Breese.

For all of four minutes and 37 seconds, Pendred did his best to slug it out with his foe. But since Breese moved about four times as fast, things got ugly quickly.

Lighting Pendred up with accurate and hard strikes, it didn’t take long for Breese to establish dominance and impose his will. Then came the combos, and in the waning seconds of the first round, Pendred crumbled against the fence and began eating nonstop leather. The referee mercifully stepped in to halt the destruction.

Yeah, so Punk versus Pendred should be a compelling bout against two guys who suck. Make it so, Joe Silva!