Get ready for the new season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” now entitled “Ultimate Fighter Fridays.” The season is set to premier with a two hour special on September 14th, and will be aired on FX. Coaching this season will be former UFC heavyweight interim champ Shane Carwin and previous TUF winner, Roy Nelson.

This season will be similar to the first season of TUF, and will run for 13 weeks, airing each Friday night at 10 pm ET/PT. The winner will be announced at the live finale on Saturday, December 15th, and will receive a six-figure contract with the UFC. Carwin and Nelson will also be knocking gloves for the main-card finale, in Las Vegas.

You can expect PLENTY of drama this time around, as UFC President Dana White has stated that the two coaches pretty much cannot stand each other, and made it clear that he and Nelson have never gotten along well either.

“Carwin and Nelson are two guys who just can’t stand each other and Roy and I haven’t exactly seen eye to eye either – he’s been a nightmare for me to work with on this show with all his stupid BS.”

Exec. Vice President of FX Networks, Chuck Saftler, agreed with White on the heavy drama these two will dish out during airtime:

We feel that the rivalry between these two guys is going to create a season filled with fireworks and high drama, and we already know we can count on Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta, Craig Borsari and Craig Piligian to bring the highest quality product to UFC fans, so we couldn’t be more pumped about the upcoming season.”

The list of 32 finalized fighters has been cut down from more than 60 that were invited to try out. 29 of the fighters are from the US, two are from Canada and one is from Brazil.

The season will kick off with 16 elimination fights, with the winners becoming official cast members. These winners will then be split between Team Carwin and Team Nelson.

Check out the season premier cast below:

Bristol Marunde, 30, Las Vegas, Nev.

Cameron Diffley, 27, Las Vegas, Nev.

Colton Smith, 25, Fort Hood, Texas via Ankeny, Iowa

Cortez Coleman, 30, Hugo, Okla.

David Michaud, 23, Pine Ridge, S.D.

Diego Bautista, 26, Lakewood, Calif.

Dom Waters, 23, Santa Rosa, Calif.

Eddy Ellis, 29, Olympia, Wash.,

Frank Camacho, 23, Camp Springs, Md.,

George Lockhart, 29, Atlanta, Ga.

Igor Araujo, 31, Albuquerque, N.M. via Patos De Minas, Brazil

James Chaney, 25, Klamath Falls, Ore.

Jason South, 34, West Jordan, Utah

Jerel Clark, 23, Reno, Nev.

Jesse Barrett, 26, Tempe, Ariz.

Joey Rivera, 32, Tucson, Ariz.

Jon Manley, 26, Ludlow, Mass.

Julian Lane, 25, Mansfield, Ohio

Kevin Nowaczyk, 23, Chicago, Ill.

Leo Kuntz, 28, Bismarck, N.D.

Lev Magen, 25, Las Vegas, Nev.

Matt Secor, 25, South Glens Falls, N.Y.

Max Griffin, 26, Sacramento, Calif.

Michael Hill, 25, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Mike Ricci, 26, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Neil Magny, 24, Chicago, Ill.

Nic Herron-Webb, 22, Anchorage, Alaska

Ricky Legere Jr., 26, Corona, Calif.

Saad Awad, 23, San Bernardino, Calif.

Sam Alvey, 26, Murrieta, Calif.

Tim Ruberg, 30, Harrison, Ohio

Zane Kamaka, 23, Klaianae, Hawaii