With the recent departure of longtime champion Georges St-Pierre, Carlos Condit describes the UFC welterweight division as entering an era of “new excitement” and “new opportunities.”

St-Pierre announced that he was vacating the UFC title after a nine-bout reign as welterweight champion. The Canadian earned decision victories in eight of the nine defenses, often relying on his wrestling to stifle his opponents’ attack.

In an interview with FOX Sports, Condit, a victim of one of St-Pierre’s decision victories in 2012, described St-Pierre’s UFC title reign as becoming a “detriment” to the sport.

“It definitely infuses some new excitement and new opportunities.¬† Georges is great for the sport, great for the division, but I think after a certain period of time it started being a detriment. People get bored, people get fickle, and he was a great champion, he was a great mixed martial artist, but people were bored with his style.”

Condit, who was featured in a promotional video from Visit New Mexico released yesterday, hopes to earn another title shot with a victory on Saturday at UFC 171.