Carlos Condit has said he would jump at the opportunity to face Robbie Lawler again, and now it looks like he might only jump period, if a title fight’s offered.

Following Condit’s epic and tightly contested decision loss to the welterweight champ last month, the perennial contender has openly admitted he might not fight again. The former WEC champ has also said that really, a rematch with Lawler, is about the only thing that interests him.

Immediately after UFC 195, there seemed to be a lot of talk about Lawler – Condit II. But more recently, thanks to the jaw dropping kicks of Stephen Thompson, and rumors that Conor McGregor might move to 170, Condit’s been kind of lost in the mix. Then there’s also Tyron Woodley, who’s also waiting in the wings.

Well, recently Ariel Helwani reported the following on “UFC Tonight” (quote via MMA

“He met with the UFC last week and he’s in a holding pattern right now,” Helwani said. “He wants a rematch with Lawler, but Conor McGregor may move up to 170 if he wins in March. Also, if GSP comes back, he might get the title fight next. Carlos says he wants a title shot and might sit on the sidelines if he doesn’t get it.”

Now, of course, there will be some who will lay into Condit over this. The argument will likely be that he was somewhat fortunate to be tapped for a title shot in January to begin with, considering he wasn’t far removed from defeats to GSP, Johny Hendricks and Woodley. So, while his bout with Lawler was an instant classic, this is the way the game works. The title shot picture can change with one kick, punch and or choke…

But, really, it’s clear that Condit has his sights set on life after MMA. So, when you consider all the wars he’s had, if he doesn’t want to grind his way back into another title fight, that’s his right. Who’s going to tell a dude nicknamed “The Natural Born Killer” otherwise?

Further, who would he fight in the interim? If say, the UFC is looking at Thompson or McGregor? Woodley again? The latter’s not going to take that fight. Hendricks for a second time? The UFC’s not going to call for that. Nick Diaz once more? Now that’s a fight a ton of people would love to see, but it doesn’t come with a UFC championship belt. Something Condit is hoping to lock up before he calls it quits on his remarkable career.