It is still yet to be seen if GSP will vacate his welterweight belt in order to persue a goal in for Olympic wrestling for his home coutry of Canada. Canadian wrestling coach Dave McKay would love to see GSP compete in the games, but feels even though GSP is equipped with elite MMA level skills, he would need years of training to be a top level Olympic wrestler.

Dave McKay:

“Without a doubt. Time is not on his side,” Canadian wrestling coach Dave McKay told The Canadian Press. “I mean we’re talking about athletes who typically go through about eight to 10 years of preparation before they can hit the international scene.

… “It is not lack of ability, it is not lack of desire . . . He’s a top international champion, butto make it to the top level in wrestling, he’s going to need time and we’re not just talking just months, we’re talking years.”

“I think it would be really exciting for our sport to have him in the program. Personally I’d be really excited to see how it does. I think it could only be a positive for wrestling.”

It must take an Olympic wrestler’s eye to see the difference between Olympic quality wrestling and the top level wrestling we see in MMA. GSP has outwrestled some the UFC’s top wrestlers such as Hughes, Koscheck, and many more. I’m not saying GSP wouldn’t need a bit of training to adjust to an Olympic style from his MMA style, but I don’t think he would be that far off from the wrestlers already on the Canadian team.

As an MMA fan I hope GSP chooses to stay in the UFC, I feel he has so much more to offer the sport, maybe even in the middleweight division to give chase to Anderson Silva and the middleweight belt.