Am I the only delusional one out there?

Am I the only one who truly believes Floyd Mayweather would not only demolish Ronda Rousey, he would leave her a broken mess?

Many analysts, fans, fighters and now bosses, have been discussing this “dream” bout between the UFC female bantamweight champion and quite possibly the greatest boxer of all-time – and for sure my generation.

Rousey is an excellent athlete. A former Olympic medalist. An unbeaten MMA fighter.

But she would have no chance. ZERO chance. Stepping inside the cage, squared circle or alley vs. Mayweather.

UFC president Dana White appeared on ESPN’s SportsNation recently and stated the complete opposite.

“You put Ronda Rousey in any fight situation. A street fight, a mixed martial arts fight. Not only does she beat Floyd, she’ll hurt Floyd really bad.”

Really? At least White did clear up his comments a little by adding that in a boxing ring, “we know what’s going to happen there.”

Mayweather might walk around with his entourage and fancy jewelry and money, but this is still a kid that grew up in a boxing family and in a house with numerous siblings. You don’t believe he had to fight and scratch and claw for everything he wanted in life?

That if, and of course this is just an if, he was matched up with Rousey, he wouldn’t just land a one-two combo and floor her?

I don’t know why this has me so worked up, as it’s obviously just a marketing ploy to promote Rousey at the expense of the biggest pay-per-view moneymaker in the world right now, but it’s just annoying to hear “smart” people continue to claim the same thing.