I guess Big Nog was knocked out by a girl. If you hadn’t heard, Junior dos Santos has been insulting the champ through the media, as recent as their countdown by using the old saying “he hits like a girl.” Of course Velasquez had put a five round beating on dos Santos in their last outing, but JDS has turned it into a positive, pointing out that Velasquez did not have the punching power to put him down in five rounds of domination. Now Cain responds.

“With a loss people try to take something positive from it. That was all he could do. I didn’t finish the fight. But it doesn’t get under my skin.”

You’re as cold as ice Cain. Unfazed, the newly minted jiu-jitsu black belt goes on to say that he doesn’t plan to go to for a submission, but if it presents itself, he will take it.