Cain Velasquez did to Nogueira what no one else has ever done before, which officially makes him a heavyweight force to recognize. Now at 8-0 Velasquez has proven to the world and to the UFC heavyweight division he is a dangerous top contender.

Cain Velasquez:

“I knew it was going to happen, all that hard work, this is where I want to be. I want to be the best, fight the best and hold that title one day. That’s the whole reason I got into this sport. A lot of bigger things are going to happen for me….. You put months and months of hard work into 15 minutes. I put a lot of hard work into my stand-up, which was part of the game plan, really beat him to punch. I felt it go right through him, there was no give.”

So what could we expect next for Velasquez? Well with that stunning finish over legendary fighter Nogueira, a bout with current heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar may be in his near future. Although Frank Mir and Shane Carwin are on deck next for the heavyweight interim title belt and the winner would be expected next in line for a matchup with Brock. Velasquez’s super KO finish may leap frog him to the front of the line, if the Mir VS Carwin fight doesn’t end with a comparative bang.