The most injury prone heavyweight is at it again. Cain Velasquez, who was set to rematch against champ Fabricio Werdum in the main event of UFC 196, has been stricken by some sort of back injury, and his replacement will be Stipe Miocic. As per Dana White:

If you’ll recall, Miocic is coming off a recent win via TKO over Andrei Arlovski. He literally incurred zero damage in that fight, which lasted only seconds, so the dude is hella fresh and hella ready.

Here’s a statement by Velasquez:


While it’s a bummer the former champ won’t get to fight, I think this works out for the best. Velasquez has never been able to fight often enough due to his fragile state, so this opens up the division to other talent.

What do you think?